Making the Red Line Green is the second of four core components of the
Community Compact. With the overall aim to improve environmental stewardship
through the Red Line project, it lists a multitude of goals and strategies. To bring
it all together, DOT has compiled a green design toolkit for the Red Line. Design
Green! Best Practices for Sustainable, Safe Street Design for the Red Line

was released today. The toolkit includes guidelines for the design of green,
safe and accessible public space, alternative energy features, and
stormwater management.

In addition to a menu of interventions that support goals in the Community
Compact, the guide builds upon current efforts to green the city, such as the
Sustainability Plan, TreeBaltimore, and the Bicycle Master Plan. It also showcases
examples of where other cities have installed features that support sustainability
goals, and lists examples of greening, safety, stormwater and alternative energy
initiatives already taking place here in Baltimore.

As part of their commitment to ensure that many elements of the Design Green!
manual are reasonably incorporated into the Red Line, MTA's engineering and
design team have pledged to collaborate with the City throughout the Preliminary
Engineering and Final Design phases. In addition, Baltimore City DOT and MTA will
present this guide to members of the Station Area Advisory Committees (SAACs).
Using its tools, they will provide input to improve the environment in their own
neighborhoods during the design process.

As is the case with ensuring that any project is environmentally sustainable,
making the Red Line green will take a huge effort from many parties, including
various City agencies and countless non-governmental organizations. This toolkit
will be instrumental in bringing together current sustainability efforts to create
a Red Line that will make Baltimore a worldclass city for residents, workers
and visitors.

Check out Design Green! Best Practices for Sustainable, Safe Street Design
for the Red Line

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